Mary Sherwood
Glass Art by Mary Sherwood
Dichroic Wildfire  14x9.75W.jpg

Dichroic Wildfire 14x9.75

Wild Garden A Acrylic GlassW.jpg

Wild Garden A 11 inches acrylic & glass

Wild Garden B Acrylic GlassW.jpg

Wild Garden B 11 inches acrylic & glass

Ribbons and Bow 9.5x4x28W.jpg

Ribbons And Bow 9.5x4x28

Desert Fantasy 21x64W.jpg

Desert Fantasy 21x64



















Amber Ripple Wall Sconce pair.jpg

Amber Ripple Wall Sconce pair

Balloons and Streamers (side view).jpg

Balloons and Streamers

Balloons and Streamers.jpg

Balloons and Streamers



Caramel Explosion.jpg

Caramel Explosion

Caramel Explosion side view.jpg

Caramel Explosion

CirclularTibit 3 stack.jpg

Circlular Tibit 3 stack

CirclularTibit 4 stack.jpg

CirclularTibit 4 stack


Circlular Tibit 1


Circlular Tibit 2


Circlular Tibit 3


Circlular Tibit 4


Desert Fancy

Diamonds and Circles.jpg

Diamonds and Circles

Triple diamonds.jpg

Triple diamonds

Triple Square.jpg

Triple Square

Triple Square side view.jpg

Triple Square

Vibant sun I.jpg

Vibant sun I

Woven Lace A.jpg

Woven Lace A

Woven Lace B.jpg

Woven Lace B

Woven Lace pair.jpg

Woven Lace pair


Let The Sun Shine In

Let the sun shine inW.jpg

Let The Sun Shine In

Let the sun shine gardenW.jpg

Let The Sun Shine In

Dichroic Sparkle 25x14W.jpg

Dichroic Sparkle 25x14

Neutral Flow 56x15W.jpg

Neutral Flow 56x15

Turq AmberTriptychW.jpg

Turquoise AmberT riptych

Rough Sea12dix18W.jpg

Rough Sea 12x18

String Life15x20W.jpg

String Life 15x20

Colorful ExclamationW.jpg

Colorful Exclamation 8x15

Sphagetti TossW.jpg

Sphagetti Toss 18 inches

Sphagetti Toss sideW.jpg

Sphagetti Toss side

At A CrossroadsW.jpg

At A Crossroads

Dicchroic Dazzle 17_ discW.jpg

Dicchroic Dazzle

Dicchroic Dazzle detailW.jpg

Dicchroic Dazzle detail

Looking thruflowers2W.jpg

Looking Through Flowers

Sky to Sea 17W.jpg

Sky To Sea 17

Twist and TurnDW.jpg

Twist And Turn detail

Imagine Flowers Birds Butterflies 19W.jpg

Imagine Flowers Birds Butterflies 19 inches

Blue Moon ChaosW.jpg

Blue Moon Chaos

Imagine Flowers Birds Butterflies 19W.jpg

Imagine Flowers Birds And Butterflies 19 inches

Waves triptychW.jpg

Waves triptych

Confetti 4 appetizerW.jpg

Confetti Appetizers

Confetti Sq BowlW.jpg

Confetti Square Bowl

Moon StepsW.jpg

Moon Steps 12x15 SOLD!

Fan of Color1W.jpg

Fan Of Color SOLD!

Blooming BrightW.jpg

Blooming Bright SOLD!

Golden Agave 14x24W.jpg

Golden Agave 14x24 SOLD!

Desert Moon9x4x2W.jpg

Desert Moon 9x4x2 SOLD!

Paisley Noodles12x27W.jpg

Paisley Noodles 12x27 SOLD!


Colorful Flair SOLD!

Goldfish Bowl 12x11W.jpg

Goldfish Bowl 12x11 SOLD!

Twist and TurnW.jpg

Twist And Turn SOLD!

Aztec DynamicsW.jpg

Aztec Dynamics SOLD!

Fall by the RiverW.jpg

Fall by the River SOLD!

Tequilla Sunrise 2W.jpg

Tequilla Sunrise SOLD!

Wavy EnergyW.jpg

Wavy Energy SOLD!

Twisted Cane Rising-1W.jpg

Twisted Cane Rising I SOLD!

Golden Drama 15x24W.jpg

Golden Drama 15x24 SOLD!

Colorfulwave sconceW.jpg

Colorful Wave sconce SOLD!

Shadbox glasspanelsW.jpg

Shadbox Glass Panels SOLD!

Autumn SunflowerW.jpg

Autumn Sunflower SOLD!

Sunset at Sea 24x14W.jpg

Sunset At Sea 24x14 SOLD!

Apple SeasonW.jpg

Apple Season SOLD!


Day Brightener SOLD!

Looking Through the Circles TriptychW1.jpg

Looking Through The Circles Triptych SOLD!

Confetti LG PlatterW.jpg

Confetti Large Platter SOLD!

Vibrant AgaveW.jpg

Vibrant Agave SOLD!

Deco Dazzle Wall Sconce 2W.jpg

Deco Dazzle Wall Sconce II SOLD!

cratersof the moon 59x13W.jpg

Craters Of The Moon 59x13 SOLD!


Falling Leaves SOLD!

Harvest MoonriseW.jpg

Harvest Moonrise SOLD!

Glacier Ice on FireW.jpg

Glacier Ice On Fire SOLD!


Day Brightener SOLD!


Agave Basket SOLD!

Fiery sun over waterW.jpg

Fiery Sun Over Water SOLD!

Autumn Sunflower/stdW.jpg

Autumn Sunflower SOLD!

Looking Through the Circles TriptychW.jpg

Looking Through The Circles Triptych SOLD!

Vibrant Agave gardenW.jpg

Vibrant Agave SOLD!