Greg Heil
Greg blends styles of abstraction, expressionism, and traditional plein- air in his elegant landscapes. By using a variety of both soft and bold colors, he has a look that is both contemporary and delicate. His work has an emphasis on line and the architectural aspects of nature.
Arizona Sunrise 48x48W.jpg

Arizona Sunrise 48x48

Atop he Gorge 32x64W.jpg

Atop The Gorge 32x64

Electric Buffalo 24x36W.jpg

Electric Buffalo 24x36

Feel the Heat 16x20W.jpg

Feel The Heat 16x20

Golden Saguaros 64x64W.jpg

Golden Saguaros 64x64

Kaleidoscape 36x60W.jpg

Kaleidoscape 36x60

Pink Saguaro 20x16W.jpg

Pink Saguaro 20x16

Poppy Rising 56x28W.jpg

Poppy Rising 56x28

Red Buffalo 21x27W.jpg

Red Buffalo 21x27

Red Rock Spring 60x36W.jpg

Red Rock Spring 60x36

Rose Saguaro 46x46W.jpg

Rose Saguaro 46x46

Saguaro Nocturne 60x36W.jpg

Saguaro Nocturne 60x36

Saguaro Prism 1 16x56W.jpg

Saguaro Prism I 16x56

Saguaro Prism 2 16x56W.jpg

Saguaro Prism II 16x56

Taos Pueblo 24x56W.jpg

Taos Pueblo 24x56

Topaz 28x40W.jpg

Topaz 28x40

Traveling Across Monument Valley 32x64W.jpg

Traveling Across Monument Valley 32x64

Where the Buffalo Roamed 28x60W.jpg

Where The Buffalo Roamed 28x60

Colored Desert 36X54W.jpg

Colored Desert 36X54

Sun Gate 40X56W.jpg

Sun Gate 40X56

Lit Path 24X24W.jpg

Lit Path 24X24



Saguaro Sunrise 68X42W.jpg

Saguaro Sunrise 68X42

Golden Saguaro 46X19W.jpg

Golden Saguaro 46X19

Heat 46X19W.jpg

Heat 46X19

Saguaro Moon 40X16W.jpg

Saguaro Moon 40X16

Vibrant Saguaros Dusk 46X46W.jpg

Vibrant Saguaros Dusk 46X46

Picacho Poppy Noon 36x54W.jpg

Picacho Poppy Noon 48x32

Picacho Saguaro Blooms 28x56W.jpg

Picacho Saguaro Blooms 56x28

Tucson Blooming 28x56W.jpg

Tucson Blooming 56x28


Spring Splendor 36x48

Vibrant Saguaro 46X46W.jpg

Vibrant Saguaro 46X46 SOLD!


Lying Among The Poppies 32x42

Sonoran Explosion 36X60W.jpg

Sonoran Explosion 36X60 SOLD!

Sonoran Heat 60X36W.jpg

Sonoran Heat 60X36 SOLD!

Spring Explosion 68x28W.jpg

Spring Explosion 68x28 SOLD!

Picacho Poppy Sunrise 36x48W.jpg

Picacho Poppy Sunrise 36x48 SOLD!

Hot Shadows 46X46W.jpg

Hot Shadows 46X46 SOLD!


Grand Canyon Through the Pinion 38x58 SOLD!

Sun Totems 20X56W.jpg

Sun Totems 20X56 SOLD!


Grand Canyon Occotillo 46x26 SOLD!

Buffalo Moon  28x56W.jpg

Buffalo Moon 28x56 SOLD!

Arizona Poppies II 16x40W.jpg

Arizona Poppies II 16x40 SOLD!


Capital Reef Viewpoint 23x48 SOLD!

Arizona Vermillion42x48W.jpg

Arizona Vermillion 42x48 SOLD!

Arizonan Spring 42x72W.jpg

Arizonan Spring 42x72 SOLD!


Sunrise Piccacho Poppies 72x48 SOLD!


Sedona Blossoms 62x32 SOLD!


Arizona Spring 64x48 SOLD!


Sunlit Utah 24x48 SOLD!


Grand Canyon Sunrise 23x56 SOLD!

Spring in the GrandCanyon28x68W.jpg

Spring In The Grand Canyon 28x68 SOLD!

Canyon Sunrise28x68W.jpg

Canyon Sunrise 28x68 SOLD!

Arizona Poppies80x48W.jpg

Arizona Poppies 80x48 SOLD!


Sunrise At Yavapai Point 36x68 SOLD!

Sonoran Spring56x36W.jpg

Sonoran Spring 56x36 SOLD!