Francisco Franklin
The Magic Guitar 42x30W.jpg

The Magic Guitar 42x30

Dancing Angel 6x5W.jpg

Dancing Angel 6x5

If Love Could Always Be All 30x36W.jpg

If Love Could Always Be All 30x36

The White HorseW.jpg

The White Horse


Baby Burrito In The Sun 27x27


Cocinera 37x23


The Potter's Wife

La Trenza- The Braid 17x17W.jpg

La Trenza The Braid 17x17

Prayer Box1W.jpg

Prayer Box 1

The Star Basket 20x24W.jpg

The Star Basket 20x24 SOLD!

The Lantern 30x24W.jpg

The Lantern 30x24 SOLD!

La Olla Grande 34x28W.jpg

La Olla Grande 34x28 SOLD!

Mini Angel (Arms Up) 10x8W.jpg

Mini Angel Arms Up 10x8 SOLD!


Sunrise 25x25 SOLD!


Star Baby wooden sculpture SOLD!

Landscape Of Mexico 22x26W.jpg

Landscape Of Mexico 22x26 SOLD!

Beautiful Mother42x30W.jpg

Beautiful Mother 42x30 SOLD!

Blue Flower AngelW.jpg

Blue Flower Angel 36x30 SOLD!



Happy Trails 6x8W.jpg

Happy Trails 6x8 SOLD!

Happy Trails 6x8W.jpg

Happy Trails 6x8 SOLD!

Mi Cochito 26x21W.jpg

Mi Cochito 26x21 SOLD!

Woman With A Pot  8x6W.jpg

Woman With A Pot 8x6 SOLD!


Mi Chamaquito 30x24 SOLD!

La Casita 4x5W.jpg

La Casita 4x5 SOLD!

Nacimiento 17pc setW.jpg

Nacimiento 17pc set SOLD!


Mini Angel 4x5.5 SOLD!


Mini Angel II 4x5.5 SOLD!

Plenty to Eat Plenty to ShareW.jpg

Plenty to Eat Plenty to Share SOLD!

El VaqueroW.jpg

El Vaquero SOLD!

Burro w Three Suns 30x36W.jpg

Burro With Three Suns 30x36 SOLD!

Two Candle LoveW.jpg

Two Candle Love SOLD!


El Pueblito 30x40 SOLD!

The Happy Burro 24x30W.jpg

The Happy Burro 24x30 SOLD!

Juana 47x36W.jpg

Juana 47x36 SOLD!


Mescalero 16x13 SOLD!

Mini Angel- (Arms Down) 10x8W.jpg

Dancing Angel 10x8 SOLD!

The Golden BroomW.jpg

The Golden Broom 36x30 SOLD!

The Secret14x11W.jpg

The Secret 14x11 SOLD!

Burrito in Heaven 36x30W.jpg

Burrito In Heaven 36x30 SOLD!


Burro in the Sun 28x34 SOLD!

When I Arrive Home 21x25W.jpg

When I Arrive Home 21x25 SOLD!

The Little Burro Eating his Hey 30x30W.jpg

The Little Burro Eating His Hay 30x30 SOLD!

Woman in her Land 17x13W.jpg

Woman in her Land 17x13 SOLD!

Solitude 11x13W.jpg

Solitude 11x13 SOLD!

Prayer Box2W.jpg

Prayer Box 2 SOLD!

House Angel- BlueW.jpg

House Angel Blue SOLD!

House Angel- RedW.jpg

House Angel Red SOLD!

Our Lady Guadalupe 36x18 LimestoneW.jpg

Our Lady Guadalupe 36x18 limestone SOLD!

Manzanas 45 x 28W.jpg

Manzanas 45x28 SOLD!

Two Candel AngelW.jpg

Two Candle Angel SOLD!

Angel Lighting the Way 17x17W.jpg

Angel Lighting the Way 17x17 SOLD!

Chewing 11 x 12W.jpg

Chewing 11x12 SOLD!


House Angel SOLD!


Small House Angel SOLD!


Burro Bench 1 SOLD!


Burro Bench 2 SOLD!

La Chamaquita- The Little Girl 25x20W.jpg

La Chamaquita The Little Girl 25x20 SOLD!


Girl With Garlic SOLD!


Girl with Avocados 19x15 SOLD!



Dos Casas 20x15W.jpg

Dos Casas 20x15 SOLD!

Landscape 16x14W.jpg

Landscape 16x14 SOLD!

The Sun 24x30W.jpg

The Sun 24x30 SOLD!

La Madre Con Sus Ollas 36x29W.jpg

La Madre Con Sus Ollas 36x29 SOLD!


El Musico SOLD!

The Happy Nun 26x21W.jpg

The Happy Nun 26x21 SOLD!

Mi Vestido Amarillo 17 x 21W.jpg

Mi Vestido Amarillo 17x21 SOLD!

El Chamaquito- The Little Boy 25x20W.jpg

El Chamaquito The Little Boy 25x20 SOLD!

The Farm 20x24W.jpg

The Farm 20x24 SOLD!

Burritos 27x30W.jpg

Burritos 27x30 SOLD!

Ollas Grandes 8x9W.jpg

Ollas Grandes 8x9 SOLD

Su Presencia en su Tierra- Her Presence in Her Land 42x30W.jpg

Su Presencia en su Tierra 42x30 SOLD!

White Mariachi 28x34W.jpg

White Mariachi 28x34 SOLD!

Butterfly Angel 41x28W.jpg

Butterfly Angel 41x28 SOLD!

Burrito in the SunW.jpg

Burrito InThe Sun SOLD!

Dancing In The Sun 17x17W.jpg

Dancing In The Sun 17x17 SOLD!

Mountain Village 25x21W.jpg

Mountain Village 25x21 SOLD!

Girl with a Puppy23x19W.jpg

Girl With A Puppy 23x19 SOLD!

Landscape 19x16W.jpg

Landscape 19x16 SOLD!

The Little Mariachi 47x36W.jpg

The Little Mariachi 47x36 SOLD!

El Cancionero 28x36W.jpg

El Cancionero 28x36 SOLD!

The Mariachi 10x14W.jpg

The Mariachi 10x14 SOLD!

La Madrasta 36x30W.jpg

La Madresta 36x30 SOLD!

Broken Angel 7x5W.jpg

Broken Angel 7x5 SOLD!

Mi Bestido Amarillo 42x30W.jpg

Mi Bestido Amarillo 42x30 SOLD!

Maiz  31x34W.jpg

Maiz 31x34 SOLD!

The Taxi 24x20W.jpg

The Taxi 24x20 SOLD!

Colores 26x22W.jpg

Colores 26x22 SOLD!

Winged Horse 25x21W.jpg

Winged Horse 25x21 SOLD!

Bird In The Sun 13x11W.jpg

Bird In The Sun 13x11 SOLD!

Three Ships 12x11W.jpg

Three Ships 12x11 SOLD!

Two Star Angel House 17x13W.jpg

Two Star Angel House 17x13 SOLD!

Abstract Landscape 26x26W.jpg

Abstract Landscape 26x26 SOLD!

My Muslim Friend 16x29W.jpg

My Muslim Friend 16x29 SOLD!

Bull In The Moonlight 23x29W.jpg

Bull In The Moonlight 23x29 SOLD!

Sunset 19x16W.jpg

Sunset 19x16 SOLD!

Still Life 26x26W.jpg

Still Life 26x26 SOLD!

Tierra del Sol 15x21W.jpg

Tierra del Sol 15x21 SOLD!

Mi Metate 27x39W.jpg

Mi Metate 27x39 SOLD!

If I Stay Here 21x20W.jpg

If I Stay Here 21x20 SOLD!

Flores Azul 16x20W.jpg

Flores Azul 16x20 SOLD!

Burrito en el Cielo 37x30W.jpg

Burrito en el Cielo 37x30 SOLD!

Tortillas en el Cielo 36x47W.jpg

Tortillas En El Cielo 36x47 SOLD!

Crying Angel 18x13W.jpg

Crying Angel 18x13 SOLD!

Mis Guajes 28x39W.jpg

Mis Guajes 28x39 SOLD!


Nacimiento 13pc Set SOLD!


Nacimiento 13pc Set SOLD!


Nacimiento 13pc Set Box


Oraciones Aqui 6.5x6.5x4 SOLD!


Little Candle Burro 7x5 SOLD!


Burro Mountain 28x34 SOLD!


Donkey With ACart 30x41 SOLD!


The Potters Wife 25x20 SOLD!


Spotted Pony 32x37 SOLD!


Mariachi Table SOLD!


The White Horse Chest 32x17x27 SOLD!