Gem and Mineral week

What weather! 75 and up these January days give me an excuse to swim and enjoy the lovely springlike "winter"?

Tucson is a lovely city full of culture and activities especially during the snowbird and nice weather season.
We Look forward to the Annual Gem & Mineral Show opening this week.
This magnificent show brings the world to our doorstep; amber from Russia, tanzanite from Africa, wood carvings from Africa, to show off their stones, rocks and gems. These traveling vendors are a true treasure adding to our fun season. The jewelers who create from these natural elements often travel far and wide to purchase these stones. And then shoppers for the beautiful ready made gem pieces. It goes on and on….

I am newly appreciative of my own gem & mineral artists. Taos Pueblo sculptor
John Suazo uses the Native American themes of his own culture in his work in limestone, sandstone and alabaster.

John Suazo