A Tribute To Jim Parsons

Jim Parsons passed away Sunday May 5th.
Although I couldn't be there he was in my heart and prayers.

Jim Parsons taught me the art business and mentored me in life.
I worked with him at Gallery West Inc. in Taos from 1979-85.
He was a gracious man, who sculptor and friend Buck Mc Cain called " a prince among art dealers".

Jim had a way with everyone he knew, and was much loved.

Jim would say about art dealers Philip Bareiss, Stephen Fox and myself, "Some people have kids, but I grew three art dealers! "
I know that we all admired his wise words and appreciated his mentoring in our lives. I credit Jim with teaching me the subtle nuances of the art world,
that helped create the success of my own Jane Hamilton Fine Art in Tucson, AZ.

Jim was also fun and a great friend. When my daughter Sarah attended Taos Valley School, Jim volunteered to go on school outings to places like Bandelier .
He piled his old station wagon with noisy kids from the school, and off they went! He liked to go roller skating and hiking and enjoyed his getaway "tea house" in Hawaii.

I think most of all he loved the arts and artists the creative, sensitive and unique people in our world. He encouraged many young and up and coming artists on their path.
Hence he met, fell in love with and married the renown weaver and fiber artist Bella Sue Martin. They have shared the last 25 years together.

The last time I saw Jim was last fall and we had a great lunch visit. He was curious about Forrest Fenn's new book that disclosed clues to a "hidden treasure".
Wondering whether I had any idea where it was ? I think he had a few ideas of his own…. A surrogate father to me, I will miss Jim Parsons, a true treasure in my life.

Jane Hamilton