Santa Fe Summer

This October 8th full moon finds me getting ready for our return to our Tucson  gallery next week. Its been a great, interesting, exciting and fun artful summer. 
As many of you already know, I set up camp in my "pop up" gallery space here at 200 Canyon Road Ste D last May. Full of memories of my old Taos days when I first began selling art in the late 70's, and with high expectations of the "big" Santa Fe art market, we planned our summer shows.

Our Grand opening on May 16th brought us quite a crowd of well wishers and publicity as we launched our "little engine that could"…. Zulia Gotay de Anderson and husband Forrest saved our "Sticks" day as they arrived early in the afternoon to help and ended up assembling our new "Four Seasons Bistro Table" just  in the nick of time - for the opening  at 5pm ! Our terrific still life artist Paula Peacock came down from Longmont, Colorado  to join the festives.  John Suazo, an old time Taos friend and now renowned sculptor from Taos Pueblo, brought his new pieces and his presence to the show.

sticks table

June saw our "June Rhythums" show featuring Santa Fe artist Linda Leslie and Tucson stone sculptor Merlin Cohen. The very popular Linda Leslie drew a great crowd and friends Zoe and her two cousins passed the cookies and juice. Thats right "juice" ! In order to serve wine you need a special permit, a bartender, and a security gaurd for each door ! Very expensive to say the least…

July brought us the famed Spanish Market Weekend where we featured "Tres Artistas" a celebration of work by three hispanic artists, Zulia Gotay de Anderson, Francisco Rodriquez and Santos Barbosa who gave us a nice artist demonstration on the portal of our gallery.

August is the biggest tourist month of the summer. We gave another trunk show for Krysteen Wayzak the first weekend.  The world famous Indian Market as its premiere attraction in Santa Fe, we presented John Suazo and Joseph Birdsong as our Native American stars. Joseph's last trunk show was held that weekend.
The last weekend we brought Tucson painter Linda Dobkin over for a demonstration day on Saturday.

September brought our last "September Song" show which featured New Mexico themed oils by Pat Parkinson. Our neighboring space at 202 Canyon Road was available so we used both spaces for our gallery.

pat parkinson

Its been a really busy and creative time in Santa Fe this summer season for me. It's always a bit sad to say goodbye to New Mexico's lush green chile, its gift of hospitality and its undeniable gorgeous art and landscape scenery.

But, we were open daily for 5 months. …and I have to admit that am looking forward to returning to Tucson mid October,  for the last month of summer weather…. our little outdoor heated pool…. and to my home gallery of artists and friends . Please stop by and see us on your next Tucson foothills sojourn.

Happy Trails…