November 2020
Thanksgiving 2020 !
I am sharing some personal stories of friends gone, along with gallery events here. I want to speak about these important people that were in my world, as there were no memorials or celebration of life gatherings this year. I’m starting in the spring in order of people and events….

What a whirlwind this year has been…I’m remembering an art show in April when longtime art collector / friend - Sigrid stormed into our tiny reception, with loud and unusual offering for our business. (We were unable to share treats at that time) She went to Tavoilina's next door and brought a big plate of delicious nibbles to share, with any who would dare. I loved her feisty Army nurse spirit, her funny and sometimes racy stories, with footnotes on the condition of humanity. She had no use for boring men, and loved a sense of humor in everyone. Toward her end, she spent many countless hours with us... as her life on Earth was counting down time. When her husband Pedro walked into my gallery in July to tell us she had passed quietly in her sleep, we cried together…

Diane Curtin was a dear sister/ friend since our arrival in Tucson in 1984 . A lovely soul , and a generous person . Diane & I walked through many paths together… some stormy and some glorious. To my children she was a Godmother and Aunt Diane, my loyal steadfast friend. My last visit with her was in August when she insisted we meet for breakfast to give me old photos of us together with my children. I was heading to Santa Fe for a big birthday celebration of my own .On Mother’s Day my husband and I shared a wonderful time with Diane, our friend Robin and my daughter Sarah. We laughed and joked about life, and shared Robin’s salad at my dining table. A simple lovely time. Sometimes you just don’t know why you do things…. I’m SO GLAD we did this SIMPLE afternoon luncheon- that she talked about for months. My heart goes out to her 6 grown children, on the loss of their Mother, just days before her 80th birthday. I really miss Diane my sister /friend.

Finally in October. Dan Miller passed. A friend from Taos days, Dan was Laura’s devoted husband. I was at their wonderful wedding in the desert. Dan loved a celebration, their annual Christmas tree decorating party was always a favorite for him. A great cook and wonderful father, his time now also gone. My heart goes out to Laura and their daughter Alex their 1st holiday without Dan.

This year has tested our faith in so many ways and made us stronger. We started having prayer gatherings in the gallery this spring. We never did close our gallery. I felt our business was essential to my 50 artists, my assistant, my husband and my 28 years life’s work to stay open. I felt I was safer and cleaner than Costco or Walmart…. and maybe just as important for the spirit and soul of Tucson.

We held more outside and summer events with artists demonstrating. Doug Shelton’s music has enriched our gallery events, and our many loyal collectors have come to see us, and keep up our spirits by their presence and appreciation of our gallery and artists.

Jumping into a bigger Tucson art pond…we added a new gallery annex across the street this July ! Our small but sweet 6420 N. Campbell Ave location, is next to Settler’s West and just below Vivace. This additional location has given us room to breathe here in the main gallery, and created an opportunity for displaying and selling artwork to more collectors.

We will be celebrating Tom Murray’s “Into The Light” exhibit December 4th from 4-7pm at the new Annex space. This special show is Tom’s latest magnificent realistic work in oils of our Southwestern lands and sky. Please join us for this show of Tom’s work that has been evolving over his 40 years at the easel. “Into The Light” I hope also reflects the future of our world.

2020 has been a bittersweet year for all of us. We have witnessed a terrific challenge for our small business, as we weathered the storms surrounding our country. We have lit candles and prayed for those who were sick, and watched as God provided our gallery family with unusual events to sustain us. We are especially thankful and grateful for all our gallery friends, and collectors this season of Thanksgiving, as we give thanks to them and to those who’s lives we have touched.

I am very thankful for having had in my life, these three special friends that were so very important in my world, and that I will truly miss.

God Bless you,