28th Anniversary Celebration! 3/21/2020

This March 20th 2020 we celebrated our 28th year in business. Wow ! What a ride it has been. This years show was different from all others because of the situation in our country.


Last nights reception brought 15 people out. Most of which were family and friends and we had a lovely time!
I received comments of how lovely it was to be able to see the art without all the people! And another person thanked me for offering a healing refuge of art and music. I decided to hire a musician to play guitar on the patio outside, Loren Dircks was really wonderful with his acoustically improvised playing that created a beautiful ambiance. We had refreshments outside also… just little cupcakes ( instead of a big cake ) a non alcohol punch, waters, and wine…. along with napkins and hand sanitizer!

IMG-3459a IMG-3457a

It was really nice to see people appreciate the beautiful artists work and we even made a few sales! This is my goal in my gallery, to create a place of beauty and comfort where people can come and enjoy the friendliness and welcome where the art is viewed and appreciated .

I understand if people didn’t want to come… and I wasn’t expecting a big crowd, but everyone who came was happy to be here, congratulating me on my success, and enjoyed their unique experience with us. And we were happy to acknowledge the blessing of our 28 years of bringing the creativity, mastery and exceptional talents and gifts that God has given to our 50 artists, to enhance and color our lives with inspiration with beauty.