Mary Beagle


the weaverW.jpg

The Weaver



a private conversationW.jpg

A Private Conversation

eastern blanket dancerW.jpg

Eastern Blanket Dancer

here they come!W.jpg

Here They Come

flower pot II 12x36W.jpg

Flower Pot II 36x12

flamenco blue 30x40W.jpg

Flamenco Blue 40x30

santa clara potterW.jpg

Santa Clara Potter SOLD!

a glanceW.jpg

A Glance SOLD!

now and thenW.jpg

Now And Then SOLD!

he speaks to meW.jpg

He Speaks To Me SOLD!

they help me think 24x36W.jpg

They Help Me Think 24x36 SOLD!

 potter's dreams 30x30W.jpg

Potter's Dreams 30x30 SOLD!

 untitled 20x20W.jpg

Purity 20x20 SOLD!

moonlight ceremony 24x24W.jpg

Moonlight Ceremony 24x24 SOLD!

ancient symbols 16x20W.jpg

Ancient Symbols 20x16 SOLD!

regal 24x36W.jpg

Regal 36x24 SOLD!

under the moon 24x36W.jpg

Under The Moon 36x24 SOLD!

royal landing 12x36W.jpg

Royal Landing 36x12 SOLD!