Fall in Tucson 2016

Dear Jane Hamilton Fine Art appreciators,

We are looking forward to our fall season, with new art events, in our same location at 2890 E. Skyline Drive Ste 180 in Plaza Colonial ( next to the copper dome ).

**A long time admired and appreciated gallery artist
Santos Barbosa is being honored by the Friends Of Western Art as their Artist Of The Year - 2017, at the Mountain Oyster Club on October 21st.

*** The 1st fall gallery event will be held on Saturday November 5th & Sunday November 6th is our own mini "studio tour" featuring these fine artists:

Zulia Gotay de Anderson

Linda Dobkin

Roseann Munger

Tom Murray

Please stop by this first weekend in November from 10-4pm to see new work by these great gallery artists, meet & greet them, and watch them demonstrate their styles. Hot cider & fall treats accompany this unique weekend event.

*** "The Autumn Show" Novemnber 18th- 30th

Brad Stroman & Sean Wallis

Artist reception Friday November 18th 4-7pm

Contemporary artist Brad Stroman presents his popular new abstract / realistic acrylics and Sean Wallis will display classical romantic landscapes of the southwest and Italy.

Please stop by and see us when you are out & about, or for one of these special events....

Wishing you all a beautiful autumn season,

Jane Hamilton

Christmas Remembered

” The Miracle of the Disposable Diapers” or
Gallery owner recalls young family’s Christmas in Taos

During the wonderful Christmas season, full of bright lights, hopeful anticipation, and sentimental sighs we often recall our own Christmas tales. Their repeated telling weaves into the fabric of Christmas the unique pattern of our own lives.

Santa Fe Summer

This October 8th full moon finds me getting ready for our return to our Tucson  gallery next week. Its been a great, interesting, exciting and fun artful summer. 
As many of you already know, I set up camp in my "pop up" gallery space here at 200 Canyon Road Ste D last May. Full of memories of my old Taos days when I first began selling art in the late 70's, and with high expectations of the "big" Santa Fe art market, we planned our summer shows.

A Busy Season

Since I last entered my blog… We have had three ( wow ! ) big art events in our gallery Read More...

Gem and Mineral week

What weather! 75 and up these January days give me an excuse to swim and enjoy the lovely springlike "winter"?

Tucson is a lovely city full of culture and activities especially during the snowbird and nice weather season.
We Look forward to the Annual Gem & Mineral Show opening this week.
This magnificent show brings the world to our doorstep; amber from Russia, tanzanite from Africa, wood carvings from Africa, to show off their stones, rocks and gems. These traveling vendors are a true treasure adding to our fun season. The jewelers who create from these natural elements often travel far and wide to purchase these stones. And then shoppers for the beautiful ready made gem pieces. It goes on and on….