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  • Art Fusion
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    “Art Fusion”

    Celebrated artists
    Peter Eisner and Brad Stroman are being featured
    this February in "Art Fusion”.

    Tucson sculptor Peter Eisner used fused glass and steel to create simple yet dramatic
    pieces of art.
    Several new works have the mid century modern take on contemporary sculpture.

    Santa Fe artist Brad Stroman uses simple everyday objects infused in nature, to create beautiful semi abstract paintings.
    In this years show he presents a variety of southwestern miniatures of a historic theme and medium sized new work.

    Please join us on Friday February 15th from 4-7
    for an artist’s reception as we enjoy “Art Fusion”.
    Art Fusion February 15- 28th 2019  

    Jane Hamilton Fine Art celebrating 27 years is located at the sw corner of Skyline / Campbell in Plaza Colonial
    2890 E. Skyline Drive Ste 180 Tucson Az 85718
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  • Introducing Francisco Franklin
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    Jane Hamilton Fine Art now representing Francisco Franklin.

    Self-taught, Francisco has been painting since the age of 15.
    His colorful work includes oil paintings on canvas with frames he hand carves, paintings on furniture he makes himself and even stone and wood carvings.
    His subject matter is varied; from Southwest landscapes with mountain ranges or villages to people going about their everyday lives, to musicians and angels.
    "You don't have to find an extraordinary thing to paint; you just have to paint extraordinarily".
    “When you view these paintings, know that I did them in spite of myself, rather than because
    of myself."

    Jane Hamilton Fine Art, celebrating 26 years.
    Located at the sw corner of Skyline & Campbell in Plaza Colonial.
    2890 E. Skyline Drive Ste 180
    Tucson, Az 85718 520-529-4886
    Francisco Franklin
  • The Phillips Family Collection
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    Jane Hamilton Fine Art presents The Phillips Family Collection.

    We have received a fabulous collection of classic western art from the Phillips Family. Included are bronzes by Bill Nebecker and Buck Mc Cain and oils by Roy Anderson, Rock Newcomb and Ramon Kelley. Please stop by and feast your eyes on these great works.
  • Remembering Jack Eggman
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    Tucson Artist Jack Eggman has passed away. He was 63 years old.

    Jack R. Eggman a Tucson native and artist, has left our earth this summer.
    Jack had shown his work in my gallery since 1992 in Bisbee . He would drive down with Joyce, his Mom, with new work, have lunch, so Joyce could see her favorite, my then small son Joseph.
    Jack's oil on paper with copper inlaid became his trademark. His iconic Arizonascape monotypes, began many years ago at the printmaking department of
    Pima Community College . Jack told me when he got out of the army, he decided to use his GI Bill to study art because he liked to draw. He took their printmaking classes and used their presses, till they through him out! He generously supported the American Diabetes Association by donating his “Arizonascapes” to their big Gala .

    Jack Eggman will be honored along with other veterans this October MIAP through the American Legion Auxiliary in Oro Valley Unit #132.
    Rest in Peace Jack.
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  • 2019 Shows
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    “27th Anniversary Show”
    Friday, March 1st from 4-7pm

    Rose Collins & Tom Murray

    Tucson artist
    Rose Collins presents her use of living and energetic color to make desert dwellers come alive!
    Animals, people, and desert habitats reveal their stunning beauty under the brush of Rose Collins.

    Tucson award winning landscape painter
    Tom Murray presents his life-like paintings that capture nature in a way that photography cannot.
    Adding artistic emotion and life to the landscape with each brush stroke and vibrant use of color.

    Please join us on Friday March 1st from 4-7pm for an artists reception as we enjoy and celebrate our “27th Anniversary Show”
    Jane Hamilton Fine Art celebrating 27 years is located at the sw corner of Skyline / Campbell in Plaza Colonial
    2890 E. Skyline Drive Ste 180 Tucson Az 85718

    January 18th: Linda Ahearn & Kathleen Frank "Two Expressions"
    February 2nd & 3rd: Robin Chlad & Alice Bailey Trunk Shows
    February 15th: Peter Eisner & Brad Stroman "Art Fusion"
    March 1st: Rose Collins & Tom Murray
    March 15th: Woodsilks & Dianna Cates Dunn
    April 5th & 6th: Tucson Sculpture Festival (off site)
  • Sticks Furniture Is Here!
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    Sticks Furniture
    Jane Hamilton Fine Art is the exclusive location for Sticks in the Tucson area.
    Sticks was started by Sarah Grant in 1992. Since then, Sticks has received national acclaim for our distinctive line of furniture, accessories and object art.

    Each piece is handcrafted within Sticks’ award winning studio in Des Moines, Iowa. All pieces are finely crafted from birch, poplar and driftwood. The pieces are further designed with hand drawn imagery, etched contouring and vibrantly blended paint. Pieces can be embellished with 3-D wood components, metal, leather and fabric.

    The line is constantly evolving due to the imagination of the design team and the many talented craft artisans that they employ. Every piece that they produce can be personalized to feature themes, imagery or colors that you customers desire.
    See more here.
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