About Jane

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My terrific new location, in the Catalina foothills on Skyline Drive and Campbell, is a far cry from from the fire pit in the floor of my teepee in Taos, New Mexico. In this unlikely place, I asked for spiritual guidance about my life's vocation. The 70's Taos was full of seekers, scattered amid the pinon and the sagebrush.
The historic art and pueblo town itself was unique, but living on the land was the ultimate ideal. One summer, I counted myself among the adventurous few, as I set aside my modern apartment for the peeled aspen poles that held up my teepee.....

A. Kelly Pruitt, the recently deceased, famous western artist, had invited me to set up my temporary home across the ravine from his teepees. That summer I learned to ride a horse, chop wood, haul water, build a fire, cook outside, and finally to star and life gaze...

One evening under the magic of the firelight glow, a friend suggested that I pray about the future awaiting me. I forced myself think about the upcoming winter, as my small daughter was returning from Colorado soon. I had to consider leaving this amazing summer adventure, for a future of parenting responsibilities, that involved real work!
Not that I minded being a waitress at the Kit Carson Cafe, serving those "mile wide" pancakes to the Texan tourists, and becoming part of Morrie's family of workers. It was just time for something else.
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So, I prayed my first real prayer to a God I wasn't sure even existed. Several part time jobs were offered to me that very next week. Upon reflection over the last thirty years, I realize now, that when I stepped out of my teepee one morning to “gallery sit” for a friend, my vocation and spiritual quest had both begun. I became an art dealer.
My many years in the art trade have transported me from Taos and Santa Fe, New Mexico to Arizona. I opened Jane Hamilton Fine Art in Bisbee, Arizona in 1992.
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Since then, I have raised my four children on a steady diet of making hors d'oeuvres, packing, hanging shows and serving at art openings.

I am indebted to my mentor Jim Parsons from Gallery West, Taos who passed on his art spirit on to me. Thankful to the artists who’s creative work I have had the honor to represent, and appreciative of the many collectors and wonderful gallery friends (that have followed the escapades of my artists and me, along with my children) and that have sustained my gallery these last 26 years. I am very grateful for the cheerleading and heroics of my now grown children Sarah, Amy, Rebecca and Joseph.

Finally, I thank God for answering the fervent prayer of one single Mom, me.
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